Louisiana now has the 2nd highest rate of chlamydia in the country. More Details
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Are you a 15-24 year old Black man who lives or spends most of his time in Orleans Parish?

  If so, let’s talk about Check it


Check it is a Tulane University research project in Orleans Parish, Louisiana that offers young Black men who have sex with women sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing at barber shops, colleges and other non-traditional sites. Testing and compensation are provided to all eligible participants.


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If you test negative, we’ll give you information on places you can go for future sexual health care. And… if you test positive, Check it will help you and your partner(s) get treatment for no or low cost.


The Check it study tests only for chlamydia and gonorrhea, but staff can offer referrals to testing locations for other STDs.


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Why get tested and what to expect.
I tested positive, now what?
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